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As a guide to students seeking supervision, the following is a list of staff at the ANU with research interests in indigenous studies.

Initial enquiries regarding supervision should be emailed to the Graduate Convenor.

Professor Jon Altman
Sustainable economic development and associated policy issues for Indigenous Australia; the economic engagement of Indigenous people with the Australian and global economies (especially in mining, tourism, arts industries and emerging industries); sustainable commercial utilisation of wildlife and fisheries; the Indigenous customary economy and its articulations with the market; land rights, native title and Indigenous land management; and theoretical issues in economic and development anthropology.

Dr Wayan Arka
Austronesian and Papuan languages of Eastern Indonesia, language typology, syntactic theory, language documentation.

Dr Richard Baker
Improving Teaching and Learning; Community Participation in Resource Management; Indigenous Resource Management Issues.

Dr Chris Ballard
Resource ownership and land rights; autonomy and sovereignty; violence and human rights; memory and narrative; colonial encounters and concepts of race.

Dr Nick Biddle: Education economics, health economics, Indigenous labour market and socio-economic outcomes, official statistics, applied econometrics, migration and mobility.

Dr Maggie Brady: Indigenous Australia; health, diet and lifestyle, the role of primary health care services in alcohol interventions, and complementary healing strategies.

Dr Gordon Briscoe
Indigenous health and demographic transition.

Mr Gordon Bull
Indigenous Art in the Contemporary Art Museum.

Dr Tony Connolly
Legal philosophy, Constitutional law, Evidence, Indigenous rights, Native title.

Professor Mick Dodson AM 
Prominent advocate on land rights and other issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Professor Nick Evans
 Australian languages, Papuan languages, linguistic typology, historical and contact linguistics, semantics, the mutual influence of language and culture.

Professor Thomas Griffiths
Australian social, cultural and environmental history, the comparative environmental history of settler societies, the writing of non-fiction, and the history of Antarctica.

Dr Louise Hamby
Historic and contemporary material culture from Arnhem Land.

Dr Melinda Hinkson
Aboriginal Australia; history of anthropology; cultural transformation; globalisation and media; culture and personhood.

Dr Sarah Holcombe:
The engagement of Indigenous organisations, such as native title representative bodies and small; aboriginal corporations, with development issues such as mining; Indigenous Governance, such as those issues surrounding regionalisation vs local autonomy; land tenure systems and decision making processes; the anthropology of the State; the anthropology of organisations; the dynamics of "inter-cultural" and social change; succession processes and re-territorialisation; women's ritual and the gender debate in Central Australia; and Indigenous transport issues in remote areas.

Ms Janet Hunt: Indigenous governance, community development in Indigenous Australia, NGOs and international development, gender and development, gender issues in Timor-Leste.

Dr Boyd Hunter:
Labour market analysis, social economics and poverty research.

Mr Seán Kerins: Indigenous Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand, land and sea rights, caring for country, common property resources and community-based management, wildlife utilisation and subsistence economies.

Harold Koch:
Language change, linguistic reconstruction methodology, language contact, morphology, Australian Aboriginal languages (description and historical-comparative study), Australian Aboriginal English, and Indo-European linguistics.

Dr Inge Kral: Education anthropology, literacy, applied linguistics, Indigenous education, Indigenous youth, Indigenous languages and linguistics.

Dr Julie Lahn: Torres Strait, Aboriginal Australia, morality and relatedness, marine activity and resource use, poverty.

Dr Patrick McConvell:
Relationship between language, society and culture, interdisciplinary prehistory, and kinship.

Professor Ann McGrath
Gender and Colonialism; Australian indigenous history; comparative and trans-national history of frontiers in Australia and North America; Birth, Marriage and intermarriage; Law, Justice and History; Museums, Museology and Public History; Art and Visual Evidence in History.

Dr Andrew McWilliam:
Timor ethnography, minorities and the state in Indonesia and East Timor, customary land and resource tenures, indigenous religion, applied anthropology in economic development, Australian Aboriginal customary land interests and cultural heritage.

Professor Francesca Merlan:
Landedness and its transformation; culture and personhood; Indigeneity; comparative political culture (liberalism and illiberalism); language and culture; social theory and development.

Ms Frances Morphy: Anthropological demography of Indigenous Australians, land rights and native title, the impact of colonisation on Indigenous social systems and languages; the homelands movement; the Aboriginal arts industry.

Dr David Nash 
Australian languages, mostly in the central Northern Territory, in language-land relationships, and in the history of the study of Australian languages.

Dr Susan O'Connor
Australian and Southeast Asian archaeology; Pleistocene colonisation of Island Southeast Asia, Australia and Papua New Guinea by modern humans and the links between these regions; change and continuity across the boundary of the Neolithic transition in Island Southeast Asia; human impacts on the environment.

Professor Nicolas Peterson
Social organisation, economic anthropology, ritual and symbolism, land and sea tenure, fourth world people and the state, social change and applied anthropology, anthropology of photography, ethnographic film, history of Australian Anthropology.

Dr Timothy Rowse:
Twentieth century Australian history - including government policies towards Aboriginal people, and Aboriginal responses to colonisation (both nationally and with reference to Central Australia); cultural policy;the history of official statistics.

Dr Alan Rumsey
Melanesia; Aboriginal Australia; discourse; social identity; linguistic anthropology; indigenes and the state.

Dr Will Sanders: Indigenous affairs policy, including social security, housing employment, local government and inter-governmental relations. Also Indigenous specific elections and the role of Indigenous people and issues in general elections. 

Dr Jerry Schwab: Indigenous Australia, USA, Middle East; Indigenous education and training, education policy, literacy, applied anthropology.

Dr John Taylor: Demography of Indigenous populations, population mobility, labour force, social indicators, regional planning.

Dr Stephen Wild:
Australian Indigenous music, with fieldwork experience in central Australia and Arnhem Land, NT, with subsidiary interests in the musics of Asia and the South Pacific.

Dr Asmi Wood:
Use of force in international law, terrorism, international humanitarian law, legal ethics, comparative law, jurisprudence and legal interpretation, and Indigenous peoples and the law.

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